Cocker/E-Cocker/Oldschool Marker Service Check

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Cocker/E-Cocker/Oldschool Marker Service Check

Our WGP, Planet Eclipse and many other manufacturer-trained and certified Master Tech will check your marker.

The service includes diagnostics, stripping, cleaning, maintenance and rebuilding. Wear and tear parts like O-rings are also included, other damaged parts will be calculated extra.
We offer this service for Cocker up to 2004 only! 

If you wish to send/mail your marker(s) in for servicing, please include the following information with the marker(s):

Full Name:
Return Address:
Phone Number (including Area Code):
Email Address:

Manufacturer and model of marker:
Type of Service or Issues:
Parts/Upgrades Needed:

Please send only the marker! No HP Systems, Hopper, etc. are necessary.

Send your Marker to:
Langenberger Str. 9 Tor 5
40233 Düsseldorf

** We recommend insuring and using a reputable carrier (DHL, UPS, FedEx) to track your package. Please take care that the marker is well packed and that fragile parts like beavertails and pneumatics are well protected so that those do not get damaged during shipping **

Once your marker(s) is received, we will contact you to verify and confirm the type of service and/or parts you are requesting for each marker.

ATTENTION: If you don't know if your marker is the right one for this service. Just ask our technican:

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