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Marker Service Check

Our trained and vertified Master Tech will check your marker.

The service includes diagnostics, stripping, cleaning, maintenance and rebuilding. Wear and tear parts like O-rings are also included, other damaged parts will be calculated extra.
We offer this service for markers from our product range only!

If you wish to send/mail your marker(s) in for servicing, please include the following information with the marker(s):

Full Name:
Return Address:
Phone Number (including Area Code):
Email Address:

Type of Planet Eclipse Marker:
Type of Service or Issues:
Parts/Upgrades Needed:

Please send only the marker! No HP Systems, Hopper, etc. are nessesary.

Send Marker to:
Langenberger Str. 9 Tor 5
40233 Düsseldorf

** We recommend insuring and using a reputable carrier (DHL, UPS, FedEx) to track your package **

Once your marker(s) is received, we will contact you to verify and confirm the type of service and/or parts you are requesting for each marker.

ATTENTION: If you don't know if your marker is the right one for this service. Just ask our technican:

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