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Marker Service Check

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Marker Service Check

You have a marker from our product range and want to give him a wellness afternoon in the hands of a certified technician? We can fulfill this wish with pleasure.

The service includes a complete check. Disassembly, basic cleaning and maintenance as well as the exchange of possibly defective parts. The service includes wearing parts (e.g. O-rings). Other possibly defective or tuning parts, as well as software updates (if desired), are charged separately. The installation of these is included in the price, if the parts were/are purchased from us.

Your marker had a hard season and needs cleaning urgently?
For an extra charge of 15€ we will give your marker an intensive cleaning in a special ultrasonic bath in addition to the normal service check. The cleaning is done according to the manufacturer's instructions. During cleaning, dirt, paint and old grease residues are removed. Afterwards your marker looks like new!

IMPORTANT: In order to guarantee a fast processing, please include a small letter in which you briefly describe what you wish for (service, software updates, mounting or installation of tuning parts e.g.) or which problems are present with your marker. Please note in this letter a delivery address where we should send your marker back to. For very dirty markers we have to charge an additional cleaning fee of 15€.

IMPORTANT: This service is only for markers from our product range. In case of doubt we will be happy to help you under technik@paintball.de.

IMPORTANT: A copy of your identity card must be enclosed if it has not yet been deposited with us, otherwise we will not return the marker. (You can inquire this before by telephone). Furthermore, we need an e-mail address and a telephone number where you can be reached in case of questions. Only 1 marker per package! Freight collect parcels will not be accepted! Basis for the service check is the German weapons law.

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