Exalt Carbon Case V3 Universal Goggle Case

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Exalt Carbon Case V3 Universal Goggle Case

One of the best mask bags in paintball sports has been completely redesigned and the V3 Exalt Goggle Case comes out. Thanks to its new design and metal reinforced frame construction, the V3 Exalt Goggle Case also allows you to transport masks that are larger without the risk of deforming or crushing them. The inner plush microfiber lining additionally prevents scratching of your mask glass during transport.

The V3 is equipped with a carrying handle on the front for easy transport.

The housing is equipped with water and dirt repellent material, so that it remains dirt-free even in bad weather. Due to the special thermoforming, the shape of the V3 case always remains stable.

The back of the mask bag is equipped with a fixing mesh material that holds the mask in place. In addition, the material offers optimal air circulation, which keeps the bag dry inside and prevents bacteria from forming.

The new design gives you extra storage space to easily store even the largest smartphones, keys and other valuables.

- Rigid frame prevents the glasses from being crushed or deformed inside the case.
- New fit also for larger masks like Empire EVS and Dye i5
- Mesh back prevents the goggles from slipping and lets them dry properly
- New integrated microfibre filled storage bag with zip fastener
- The plush microfibre liner protects the mask glass from being scratched / damaged / smeared.
- Extra carrying strap for more grip
- Larger mobile phone pocket for maximum storage space
Rigid frame prevents goggle from being crushed or deformed
V3 Goggle case fits newest large goggles, including Empire EVS and Dye i5
Zippered Mesh back allows goggle foam to properly dry
All-new integrated, microfiber-coated storage pocket with zipper Plush microfiber liner stops lens from being scratched / damaged / smudged

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