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Tippmann 98 Custom PS ACT .68 Cal black, 12oz CO2 Flasche, JT Premise Headshield single, Munbox

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This package includes: Tippmann 98 Custom PS ACT .68 Cal black, CO2 Tank 12oz incl. Pin-Valve, Paintball Goggle JT Premise Headshield single and a 200rnds. Protoyz Hopper. 

Tippmann 98 Custom PS ACT .68 Cal black
The 98 Custom will get you on the field with room to grow as your skill does. You can customize the look & feel and upgrade the performance whenever you're ready to get more serious about the game.

CO2 Tank 12 oz incl. Pin-Valve
The big 12oz CO2 tanks lasts for about 550-600 shots.

Goggle JT Premise Headshield single black
Enjoy the game with a total 360 degree of protection for any type of game or scenario. It features a Pro-Change Lens, Foam Quick Release System, 260 degree Field of Vision and protective Headshield, which is removable.

Hopper 200rnds. Protoyz black / clear
Standard Ammo Box for 200 paintballs. Spring-loaded large semi-transparent plastic lid for easy refilling and quick level control. Two-piece design, demountable for thorough cleaning. A color choice can not be guaranteed. Hopper comes in black or clear!

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