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Tippmann TCR MagFed .68 Cal black, 20x 12g Co2 capsules, V-Force Armor thermal

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This package includes: Tippmann TCR MagFed .68 Cal black and 20x 12g CO2 capsules, Paintball Goggle V-Force Armor thermal black.

Tippmann TCR MagFed .68 Cal black
The Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR) MagFed Marker provides a new level of realism to your game.It comes with two magazines: a 12 Ball Extended Mag and a 7 Ball Mag.

Co2 capsule (12g/0,4oz)
The classic among CO2-systems - the 12 gramm CO2 capsule. The blowing-agent-cartouche is suitable to all Quick-Change gadgets and is perfect for paintball- and airsoftplayers.

Paintball Goggle V-Force Armor Gen 3 thermal black
The 3rd generation V-Force Armor Thermal Paintball Goggle is the perfect choice for newcomers and first timers. With its liberal protection covering your chin and ears you’re good to go to dominate the field.

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