Paintball Goggle Virtue VIO Extend 2, black

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Paintball Goggle Virtue VIO Extend 2, black

VIO Extend 2 focuses on the protection aspect. In addition to the advantages of the Contour 2, the Extend version offers even more boucing zone thanks to a larger face mask.

The extended mask strap is equipped with a newly designed 3D Pro Pad. The ear protection is formed from the same 3D pad foam. It fits comfortably to your head and protects you even better from painful hits.

The semi-transparent Facemask is many times more flexible than its predecessor. The chance of a bouncer is much higher. Woodland players in particular benefit from the short sides because the mask clings more easily to the bottle or shoulder support when the marker is shouldered. This makes it even easier and more pleasant to merge the mask with the marker and the surroundings, thus reducing the possible hit area to a minimum.

The Bright Mirror Lens Technology completes the package. The new mask lenses are even more scratch-resistant and protect you more effectively from the dazzling sun. Of course, the mask lenses offer 100% UV protection.

- Large Facemask offers maximum bouncing zone
- Improved and 3D shaped ear pads
- Longer Mask Strap
- More flexible and interchangeable facemask in great semi-transparent look
- Optimal for players who use a shoulder support
- Improved mask glass technology
- Very light
- Sophisticated ventilation for easy breathing and communication
- Large sight radius
- Double glazed thermal glasses
- Completely customizable
- 100% UV protection of the lenses

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