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Battlepack HK Army Zero-G 2.0 13 Pod (5+8) black / red

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HK Army

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Battlepack HK Army Zero-G 2.0 13 Pod (5+8) black / red

The Zero-G 2.0 has seen further development in the places where even faster and more intensive play has placed new demands on the material.

The key feature is the new, quasi interwoven suspension of the belt within the pack. This ensures the best fit of the Zero-G ever on the hips. Very snug to the body, and therefore almost non-slip. In addition to the new belt system of the Zero-G 2.0, the larger, thus anatomically better shaped and much lighter padding in the lumbar area ensures a fatigue-free hold in every situation.

Today's back player, tomorrow's front player, day after that, snake player?
The Tension Control System allows you to remove individual pod pockets. The right number of pods for every situation. Create the perfect profile for maximum effeciceny.

Tension can be adjusted to change the diameter of the pod pockets to suit your pods. Smaller pods are just as tight as high capacity pods. Here, too, the maximum amount of customization is possible to meet your playing requirements.
The newer membrane fabric inside the pod pockets provides an increased grip of the pockets around the pods.

As with its predecessor, there are no more annoying straps with velcro, so you can pull the pod out of the battle pack at lightning speed during the game.

- Better and non-slip fit due to the new belt system
- Anatomically shaped padding in the lumbar region
- Removable and diameter adjustable pod pockets using the Tension Control System
- Longer life than comparable battlepacks with Velcro fasteners
- Space for 13 Pods


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