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Planet Eclipse Gauntlet Gloves Black

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Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse Gauntlet Gloves Black

The Distortion series of Eclipse Gloves have mastered the mechanics of paintball, proving to be a popular choice among top Pro paintball players! The Gauntlet (finger-less) version has discreet finger loops inside offering maximum control whilst retaining optimal protection. The full-finger option offers maximum support and protection for players concerned with hand, finger and trigger strikes making these Eclipse paintball gloves a welcome addition to any kitbag.

- Integrated soft padding that cover all the main impact areas
- Padded quick release velcro closure
- Tactile resing palm & finger print for much needed grip in wet conditions
- mesh finger/thumb venting for improved air flow
- Velcro wrist closure and support
- Padded kevlar impact zones protect the palms when diving and sliding
- Low profile flexible rear section for better fit
- Lightweight vented neoprene construction for increased air-flow
- Cloth thumb

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