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Infamous PRO DNA Sicario Jogger Pant, grey

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Infamous PRO DNA Sicario Jogger Pant, grey

The Paintball Pants PRO DNA Sicario Jogger Pant was especially adapted to the requirements of the PRO Team Infamous. The pants should be as light as possible and at the same time have all the functions of a paintball jogger pant.

Here is the result: The PRO DNA Sicario Jogger Pant wears like a jogging pant and offers you all the features of a paintball competition pant at the same time. The seams of the pants have been placed in such a way that they don't interfere with playing and a tearing of the seam, e.g. on a Superman, is avoided.

The trouser pockets are secured with zippers so that you can safely store your players card or valuables such as keys. Your barrel polishers can be stored in the side pockets. The velcro strips on both legs of the trousers offer you space to attach your patches to the trousers and customize them to your liking.

100% polyester


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