18.04.2019 · News Easter Specials Easter Specials

Hold on to your bunny ears… our easter specials are here!

Just in time for Easter we reduced the pricing of around 300 products. Paintball Goggles, Loaders, Jerseys, and much much more. Take the advantage of this limited time offer to stock up on cool stuff.

Here are a couple of highlights for you:
- Planet Eclipse GMEK Frame-Kits, now 69,-€ (before 129,90€)
- HK Army Freeline Jerseys starting from 79,-€ (before 109,-€)
- Empire EVS Masks in diff. colors starting from 129,90€ (before 169,90€)
- V-Force Grill Masks in diff. colors starting from 99,-€ (before 149,90€)
- Planet Eclipse E.LITE Pants HDE camo now 129,90€ (before 179,90€)

All Easter Specials!

Happy Easter to you all

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05.04.2019 · News

Scenario Big Game #22 - Win free tickets!

Win free tickets for the Scenario Big Game 22!

Awesome prizes to be won!

You have the chance to win one of three tickets including one day with a Planet Eclipse gun of our demo fleet for the upcoming Scenario Big Game in early May.

Participating is easy. Go to this posting on our facebook page, share it with the Hashtag #paintballdeSBG22 and you're in. The three lucky winners will be drawn on 26.04 at around 18 o'clock (6pm CET). In the meantime we wish you good luck!

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04.04.2019 · News

Reduced pricing for Dye Rotor2 and Dye DSR!

Dye Rotor2 and DSR

Attention – Discounts are approaching!

We lowered the prices for Dye DSR Paintball Markers and Dye Rotor2 Paintball Hoppers. The timing couldn't be better because the 2019 season is near.

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23.03.2019 · News

Planet Eclipse / HK Army EJECT Harness Dark Marl

Planet Eclipse / HK Army EJECT Harness Dark Marl

Planet Eclipse and HK Army have done it again!

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21.03.2019 · News

Planet Eclipse and Armotech 79/4500 HPA Systems

Planet Eclipse and Armotech 79/4500 HPA Systems

Armotech stands for high-quality, lightweight and safe propellant cylinders. Together with Planet Eclipse we proudly present the latest addition:

We now have high quality 79/4500 Armotech HPA systems in two elegant Planet Eclipse designs in stock.

15% more volume, about 12% lighter and almost as long as a standard 68/4500 HPA system.

You don’t need to refuel air that often and you can concentrate on more important things:

Playing paintball!

We have the system, use it to your advantage!

Order now!

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15.03.2019 · News

Planet Eclipse / HK Army Zero-G HDE Earth Battlepacks

Planet Eclipse / HK Army Zero-G HDE Camo Battlepacks

The woodsball battlepack you’ll have waiting for!

After the great success of the CoLab Rain battlepacks made by Planet Eclipse and HK Army the path was set for more awesome products in the future.

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