02.07.2020 · News

New Planet Eclipse products in July 2020

Eclipse MagFed und Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100

Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100

We have something special for you. The EMEK EMF100 now comes standard with a Dye DTM20 (10+10) magazine instead of a DTM10 (5+5) magazine.

That's cool but there is still one question to answer:
When will there be new stock?

At the end of this week the first EMF100 delivery for a long time will reach us (thanks to Corona). More deliveries will follow!

If you have already ordered, it shouldn't be long now. You have not ordered yet? Yes then you should do it as soon as possible ;-)

» EMF100 brand page

Planet Eclipse PWR Stock Earth

The popular Planet Eclipse PWR Stock is now available in Earth brown. It matches the ETHA2/EMEK/EMF100 EMC Kit in HDE Earth and Earth. They are as well available as set with 3000 and 4500 psi HPA system.

Coloured GTEK 170R Grip Kit

July will be colourful. Available in red, blue, white and brown, the GTEK 170R Grip Tray Kit will give your GTEK 170R the finishing touch.

Coloured Shaft FL Rubber Sleeve Set

Do it however you want. The coloured Shaft FL rubber sleeve set is available in red, blue, white and brown. It will change the look of your Shaft FL barrel system and it is quick and easy to install. .. read more ›
24.06.2020 · News

Preview: Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazines

Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazine

Important information:
The magazine shown is a pre-production model (work in progress). The final product may can change from the pictures shown.

Preview of the new Planet Eclipse CF20 Magazine.

The CF20 Mag (continuous feed magazine) is a new development from Planet Eclipse and serves players who play with an EMF100, Dye DAM or the corresponding Magwell. The magazine has a capacity of 21 shots of Roundballs or 20 First Strike rounds. These can be fired continuously without the need a for reloading.

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19.06.2020 · News

The Planet Eclipse EMG100 is now known as EMF100

Eclipse MagFed and Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100

MagFed. We love it. We’re incredibly proud of our growing range of MagFed products and genuinely humbled by how well we’ve been accepted into the MagFed community. So much so that Planet Eclipse has created a MagFed Division. Simply named EMF. Eclipse Mag Fed.

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30.05.2020 · News

Planet Eclipse O-Ring Finder App

Planet Eclipse O-Ring Finder App

Searching for the right o-ring is so old-school!

With the handy Planet Eclipse O-ring finder app, identifying one of those little rubber rings is a snap.

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29.05.2020 · News

Brand new Infamous products in stock!

Brand new Infamous products in stock!

Better late than never!

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20.05.2020 · News

Important: COVID-19 Update

Wichtig: COVID-19 Update

Over the last few days the number of messages we have received asking about production schedules and the delivery of certain products has increased. Below is our current situation, so people and dealers Worldwide will know where we are up to and what is happening.

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