01.12.2017 · News

We would like to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with you!

Free Shipping over 25€!
FREE Shipping EU Wide for all orders above 25€!We would like to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with you. Watch out for more crazy Deals during 2018!

Shop now!

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29.11.2017 · News

The GMEK is here. Almost.

Planet Eclipse GMEK

One of the most talked about products of the past 6 months and certainly at this year's World Cup, the GMek mechanical frame kit for the Eclipse GTEK is on its way!

With its simplicity, low price point and ability to open up a whole new world of paintball scenarios we're certain it'll be a huge hit with paintballers around the world.

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23.11.2017 · News

Planet Eclipse Black Deals!

Planet Eclipse Black Deals!
You have been good, haven´t you? Now is pay back time!
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18.10.2017 · News

We love Woodland Paintball!

Euro Big Game

Woodland-Paintball, also known as Scenario-Paintball, is the original form of paintball. We here at, for 25 years the first point of contact for rookies, pro’s and everyone in-between, are affiliated with the EBG right from the beginning. %PreviewBreak
Besides the certified Planet Eclipse Tech Area we also offer Planet Eclipse rental equipment of all price ranges free of charge, to make sure everybody is able to participate, despite a possible malfunction.
We dedicated a video to exactly this vibe and Team Spirit. Click here and take a look, and get addicted!


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19.09.2017 · News

Winter is coming...

HDE Urban

The legendary  HDE Camo Clothing  got a nearly invisible scion, HDE Urban. Become one with your surroundings, get into the tactical shades of grey… .. read more ›
08.09.2017 · News

100+ new products on stock!

100+ new products on stock!

Good things come to those who wait. We broadened our range of Paintball Products by adding 100+
Empire, Grill, V-Force, Tippmann, Gi-Sportz and JT products. .. read more ›
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